Molded Case Busbar System (MCBS)

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MCBS is the world's first modular assembly busbar system made with BMT's own patented technology. Applied to BMT switchboards and MCCs, MCBS decreases the volume and increases safety.

Specifications of MCBS

  • Nylon 66 + G/F 30%
Physical Properties of Nylon 66
  • Specific gravity 1.14
  • Tensile strength 840 (kg/cm²)
  • Elongation 60%
  • Bending strength 28800 (kg/cm²)
  • Impulse strength 5.4 (kg·cm²/cm)
  • Heat deflection temperature 90°C (18.6 kg/cm²)

Limits of conventional busbar system

As electric conductivity of conventional busbar is very high, if not covered with insulating materials, there may be accidents during repair and inspection of switchboard. In order to reduce such accidents, appropriate insulation should take place upon installation of busbar. However, insulation is not available at both ends of busbar which needs electric connection. Also, strong sparks that may occur from high voltage or unstable power supply from a transformer deliver a strong impact to the busbar, resulting in damages of busbar or short circuit. MCBS is a new busbar system capable of solving these issues.

Technical Advantages of MCBS

Reduces the Restriction on Clearance/Creepage Distance of Each Phase (R/S/T/N)
Clearance/Creepage Distance for conventional HV switchboard (60kV)
(Based on Article 108 and KEMC 2101)
  • Phase-Ground 200mm
  • Phase-Phase 230mm
  • Same Phases 225mm
Clearance/Creepage Distance when MCBS applied
  • Phase-Ground 160mm
  • Phase-Phase 80mm
  • Same Phases 90mm
Loosening Prevention for High-voltage Busbar

During the connection of high-voltage busbar, loosening of bolts may occur upon oscillation.
When MCBS is applied, bolt connections are covered with transparent closures to prevent loosening from oscillation and allow for inspection.

Volume Reduced by 40%, and Busbar Saved by 10% (compared to conventional switchboards)

Features of MCBS-applied Compact Switchboard

BMT switchboards are designed and manufactured safer and more compact with MCBS, BMT’s own patented technology. With a seismic design and type certified quality, BMT switchboards are suitable for the requirements of various industrial fields including power generation facilities, plants, and construction.

3D Drawing of MCBS-applied Compact Switchboard

Excellent safety/convenience

  • Enclosed structure allowing to separate each busbar.
  • Flame-retardant material prevents transmission, reducing risk of catastrophic results caused by an electric shock or short-circuit.
  • Allows for a busbar system that can be installed without additional support insulators, and enables easy installation and maintenance.

Compact structure

  • The structure of separating each phase(R/S/T/N) reduces the restriction of clearance/creepage distance.
  • Volume reduced by 40% or more in comparison with a conventional switchboard.
  • Busbar saved by 10% or more due to reduced panel size.

Convenient operability/expandability

  • Modularization enables disconnection of individual module and partial replacement/repair.
  • Simple extension and convenient connection with existing busbar lindes.

Certified product

  • Certified to KERI type test, K-mark, Excellent Performance Certification (by Korean MSS), and Excellent Product (by Korean PPS)