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Towards a Smarter · Safer · Greener WorldA Company Leading the Way to a Smart · Safe · Clean future

BMT Electric & Energy leads the way in creating a smarter, safer, and
cleaner future by providing innovative and differentiated products and
solutions through continuous R&D.

BMT Products and Solutions

BMT uses its own patented devices and components to provide safer, more compact and more efficient electric power products and solutions.
BMT contributes to the creation of a cleaner and smarter environment by providing optimal energy management solutions.
Electrical products are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of various industrial fields such as power generation facilities, industrial plants, buildings, and the like through a rigorous testing and certification process.

Best-recognized Products and Solutions

  • Distribution Boards
  • Compact Switchboards
  • Smart Distribution Boards
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Energy Management System

BMT Devices and Components

BMT accomplishes innovation and differentiation through continuous R&D.
Devices and components that use our own patented technologies allow us to provide more reliable products and solutions for customers.

Best-recognized Devices and Components

  • MCPD
  • MCBS
  • Smart-eye
  • Gateway