R&D Center

BMT's technology and innovation begins at the BMT Technology Research Center.

We achieve sustainable and profitable growth through the development of products that provide benefits to customers.

R&D Mission

Our ideas and expertise become our technology and products, providing what our customers really need and creating maximum value for the company.

Our R&D activities are aimed at creating customer value, enhancing company-wide competitiveness, and identifying future growth engines for BMT.

R&D Strategy

BMT's research and development activities place top priority on customer satisfaction and customer value creation. It's not enough to have good technologies. Any successful technology must not only be good enough, but it must give customers real value. The BMT Technology Research Center focuses on developing technologies and products that people actually need, not just technological development for its own sake. We develop products that are important to our customers, technologies to address their unmet needs, and products that bring them benefits. This is how we grow sustainably and profitably.

  • Customer
  • Customer Value Creation

Sustainable Growth

BMT's top-recognized products with IPs

Our history goes back to 1988.

In 1988, Engineer Yoon Jong-chan (current CEO) established a business with a passion for contributing to the growth of the nation's core industries through a stable supply of tube fittings, which are industrial components.

In 2005, while maintaining a good reputation for the quality and reliability of fittings and valves, he established the R&D Center by advancing into the electric & energy business.

In an ongoing effort to innovate in order to provide value to our customers and build a foundation for future growth, BMT R&D Center has been developing products that are unique to BMT.

Currently, BMT has technological prowess in various industrial areas, including buildings, factories, energy management, plant construction, shipbuilding, offshore, and the like.

Here are some of the top-recognized Electric & Energy products with intellectual properties.

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