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Quality Management

We make continuous and constant efforts towards zero defects.

By providing products and services of differentiated quality, we will be “The Go-to Company” trusted and sought by our customers.

Quality is the basis for BMT’s sustainable growth

Since our inception in 1988, we have improved and innovated the quality of our products and services building customer trust and confidence.
In 2002, we established quality management system based on the ISO 9001 standard. We have constitutionalized ‘engagement of people’, ‘adherence to principle’, and ‘continual improvement’ through the implementation of the quality management system.

Our mission is to provide products that are in compliance with or above customer requirements, related laws and regulations, and strict quality standards of our own. We continue our improvement and innovation efforts towards zero-defect quality and cost-saving in order to provide products and services that surpass customers’ expectation.
With our passion and challenging spirit, we will be the company with best customer satisfaction and the most sustainable company.

BMT Product/System certification

BMT is striving to supply products and services of quality that can be trusted by customers.
For this, our products and management system are in compliance with various technology, industry and international- standards. Find and download our certificates in your area of interest.

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