BMT Electric & Energy’s mission is to lead the way in creating a smarter, safer and cleaner future
through endless deliberation and technological evolution.

BMT Electric & Energy started in 2005 with the introduction of MCPD, a new design for power distribution devices that provides excellent safety and convenience.
Since then, we have been providing our customers with smarter and safer switchboard products through continuous R&D.
These include Smart-eye, Korea's first individual phase separation smart module, and MCBS, the world's first modular, expandable assembly busbar system.
In addition, with our mission to contribute to high energy efficiency, smart lives and a clean environment, we are leading the way in the development of energy management solutions such as a factory/building energy management system (FEMS/BEMS) and automatic demand management system (ADR) through in-house and academic-industrial research and development activities.

BMT Business Philosophy

BMT's business philosophy of "Always ALIVE, GROWING, EVOLVING, DEPENDABLE Company" is the driving force of BMT's sustainable growth that has continued since 1988.

01Dependable Company
  • We do business with the right professionalism to become a true partner that customers trust.
  • We provide zero-defects products and services. We will keep our promises, build credibility, and solidify our standing as a trusted corporate citizen.
02Evolving Company
  • We anticipate and respond to the constantly changing environment and customer needs.
  • We are quickly adapting to changes and leading the market through aggressive improvement.
03Growing Company
  • We are not satisfied with the present scale.
  • Everyday we make a constant efforts with energy and enthusiasm for further growth.
04Alive Company
  • We persistently survive in circumstances of great uncertainty and difficulty.
  • We remain strong by adhering to the basics and moral principles with the high levels of execution and risk-management.