We are looking for talent at BMT, a company that "Manufacturers the Future“

BMT, which starting as a small metal processing company in 1988, has now grown into one of the most innovative and differentiated industrial product manufacturers. We believe that manufacturing makes a strong contribution to a new era of global growth and innovation. We recognize and respect each person’s value, and the talent they bring us. Together with us, your passion can make a difference towards a better future.

Ideal Candidates at BMT

BMT invites people who perform at their best, driving our innovation, and behave with integrity.

  • Best A person with professional skills and superb performance

  • Integrity A person who always acts with honesty, transparent, and fair

  • Innovation A person who constantly takes action to initiate change and drive innovation.

Code of Practice


We are committed and motivated to achieve our goals.


More than just thinking and saying. We take action and practice!


We work with responsibility, trustworthiness, and commitment.