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Evaluation & Compensation System

We value our people with a strong belief that our workforce is key to our success.

Our welfare programs and fair evaluation/compensation system enable talented people to enjoy their work and achieve the highest level of performance.

BMT Reward System

Fair and reasonable compensation system based on individual performance and potential capacity.

BMT Performance-based HR practice: “KT”

BMT runs “KT” practice, a performance-based human resource practice at BMT, to foster a culture of ownership and accountability, to support a quality-oriented work style, and to enhance employee growth and development, which is vital to our ongoing success.

At BMT, KT (Key Target) means key goals and work objectives of individuals or teams in line with the overall strategy and vision of the company. KT practice consists of iterative three steps: plan KT Visualize KT (KT-V) do KT-A (KT-Action: “do & check & adjust”).

  • Plan KT

  • Visualize KT(KT-V)

  • Do KT-A(KT-Action,

Achievement evaluations are conducted based on the performance according to KT as well as individual competencies.
Our people are a driving force that enable our success.

KTPI(Key Target Performance Index)달성으로 자세한 설명은 KTPI달성 참조
개인의 KT가 모여서 KTPI 달성 Key Target Performance Index

kt, kt-v는 계속 업데이트

  1. KT-V Key Target View 눈에 보이는 나의 목표
    • 정해진 목표를 한 눈에 보이도록 만들어 모니터, 내 작업장 주변, 휴대폰 등에 나타내기
  2. KT-A Key Target Action 나의 목표의 실행
    • 매일 매일 내 목표를 실행 & 체크
  3. 개개인의 KT달성
    • 개인 역량 향상 뿐만 아니라 우수사원 포상까지
  4. KT Key Target 나의 개인 목표 설정
    • 부서/회사의 목표를 위해 내가 할 일이 무엇인지 리스트 적고 목표 정하기

Fair Evaluation & Compensation System

1KT(Key Target) Descision

BMT members identify their roles on their own and establish each of their personal KT spontaneously. Each of them will clarify “KT” to promote internal motivation. Personal KT is connected to team KT, which will then be in line with the company’s goals so that each of the members, teams and the company can grow together.

The individual KT is implemented as KT-V (Key Target-View).
KT-V refers to the “visualization” of KT on the monitors so that KT can always be seen, checked, and synchronized.

2Interim Assessment and Mentoring/Feedback

KT-A (Key Target-Action)

Individuals “act” to achieve established KT. Individuals will confirm their daily and weekly KT and KT-A to inspect directions and performance on their own. Self-check and feedback of colleagues and team heads will be reflected in KT and KT-A, enabling the members to keep moving toward purported performance.

3Final Assessment(Yearly)

Individual final assessment that takes place once a year will cover passion over the past one year and potential growth in the future. This is to ensure that individual energy can become continued growth rather than one-time performance

  • PerformanceYearly individual and
    /or team performance
  • CompetencyIndividual’s Future
    potential capacity
  • Final performance will cover performance of personal KT and potential capacity of individuals altogether.

Compensation system to provide voluntary incentives for individuals and to create a successful community where individual and company grow together.

  • Based on perform ance that contributes to the company goals.
  • Based on achievement of team/personal KTs.
  • Yearly decision of basic salary based on the performance and competency.