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Raw Material Control

Managing the raw materials delivered in and out of the country according to the factory logistics flow. Responsible for traceability of raw materials that are being put into manufacturing processes. Manage the smooth flow of processes from material income to release.


To satisfy the quality level required by the customer, BMT deploys optimal personnel and facilities according to the production plan from raw materials incoming to packaging, thereby improving production yield and enabling stable supplying of the products.


Responsible for the overall process and management of purchasing materials and equipment required for activities such as production and R&D. Responsible procurement, supplier management, and contract and orders. Conduct overall follow-up management tasks for suppliers to ensure optimal quality materials and materials are supplied on time.


Manage and oversee products and components produced and promptly, accurately, and safely deliver them to domestic and foreign customers. Thoroughly manages the quantity of inventory and the storage/identification status and facilitate the smooth operation of the logistics, playing a key role in building trust with customers.