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CEO Greetings

A company with solid fundamentals based on its own technologiesWe sincerely thank all of you who visited the website of BMT Co., Ltd.

From industrial fittings/valves to power management solutions, we have grown and evolved through ceaseless challenges and innovations, always making our utmost efforts to provide the best products and services. We will make the leap to become the most highly-rated company through continuous research, development and innovation.

Dear valuable customers of BMT,
My name is Yoon Jongchan, and I am the CEO of BMT Co., Ltd.

I sincerely thank all of you for your great interest and encouragement.

I am the founder of BMT Co., Ltd., and since its foundation in 1988, I have always practiced transparent management, following basic principles. The management policies set up at the time of its foundation have become the corporate philosophy of our company and served as a beacon leading us into the future.

Starting with just two or three employees in an unlicensed building, BMT has grown into a superior medium-sized company with sales of over 100 billion won. Over the 30 years that I have been running the company, there have been many big and small crises, such as the IMF financial crisis in the late 1990s, the global financial crisis in 2008, etc. However, I have always overcome such difficulties wisely, turning such crises into opportunities for growth and a leap forward. I haven't experienced a single financial crisis and have built BMT into a powerful company with solid fundamentals.

I think that BMT is facing new challenges in the rapidly changing global industrial environment due to the 4th Industrial Revolution, the green energy revolution, and so on. As the company has always managed to grow so far despite all the difficulties it has faced, I think these changes will be great opportunities for us again. BMT will realize its management philosophy of being an “Always ALIVE, GROWING, EVOLVING, DEPENDABLE Company.” We will be a “trusted company,” repay our customers’ support and interest, and contribute to the national economic development through day-by-day developments in the company.

I will definitely achieve my dream of building a “Super, First-Class Company, BMT.”

Thank you.

January 2020
Yoon Jongchan, Founder/CEO of BMT 윤종찬 서명