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Business Continuity

BMT applies its business contingency system to the core businesses

in order to maintain continuity of work and satisfy customers’ requirements in disruptions caused by accidents or disasters.


Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) is an enterprise-wise risk management strategy to maximize corporate value by minimizing financial loss and ensuring continuity of core functions and reliability of customer services when there is a disaster in production and other facilities. BMT has established its Business Continuity Management System to ensure business continuity in preparation for suspension of production of all major product lines in 2017 and certified as an Outstanding Enterprise in BCMS by Korean ministry of the interior and safety in 2019.

The system is practiced to strengthen capacity for business continuity of employees and affiliates and spread such a culture through mock training.
If an emergency takes place, we will keep Minimum Business Continuity Objective (MBCO) within a purported length of time for recovery by speedily recovering damaged assets and suspended work, which will protect executives and employees, secure safety and reinforce trust of stakeholders such as customers and stockholders through continued operation and management.

BCMS Policy Declaration

BMT establishes and implements business continuity strategies and plans in order to: protect the lives and assets of executives, employees and customers; and continue production and business activities for fittings & valve and electric & energy businesses even when there is an emergency or an unexpected suspension of work.
In order to implement this, BMT will comply with the following policies and ensure continual development and customer satisfaction.

  • 01When making a decision as to Business Continuity Management System, BMT will prioritize impacts on executives, employees, and stakeholders.
  • 02Based on our thorough analysis of work process and risk, BMT will establish strategies and procedures that will enable risk management and speedy recovery of suspended work when there is an emergency.
  • 03As for Business Continuity Management System, once established, its appropriateness will be continuously verified through training and maintenance activities while capacity to respond to crises will be strengthened.
  • 04All executives, employees and business partners shall be aware that Business Continuity Management System can achieve the corporate goals and keep its core values and will actively take part in operation of Business Continuity Management System.